It's time to find peace 

with food.

Are you ready to make peace with food?
  • Do you have an all or nothing relationship with food- you're either eating 'on plan' or just going for it?

  • Do you feel like you have to control what you eat or else you'd end up gaining weight?

  • Do cravings pop up and lead to an ongoing call until you answer them? Do you feel compelled to answer your urges?

  • Do you feel frustrated, guilty, or ashamed about this never ending food struggle, yet you don't know what to do to figure it all out?

Would you prefer to have this?
  • You're done with the ups and downs of dieting and falling off the wagon, and you're beginning to feel pretty normal around food.

  • You no longer feel the need to control everything you eat because you're learning to trust your body.

  • You're able to stay calm if intense cravings appear and you've got tools to help you make decisions that feel in line with your goals.

  • You now understand why you turn to food, and why it has felt so complicated. You've cultivated self compassion and support, and your inner voice is changing to one of kindness.

I'm Andréa

I'm a Strategic Intervention Life Coach, an Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) practitioner, and am certified in Plant Based Nutrition. I'm passionate about emotional, mental, and physical health and healing. Through deep conversations, inner work and powerful tools, I support and guide you to find the peace with food, life, and self you've been searching for. 

Here's where I can help...




with Food


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“Andréa holds space for me in a way that is both supportive and creatively challenging. Our conversations are inspiring and always feel like we get to the heart of the matter. ” 

—  A.M., Life Coaching Client

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