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Supportive counselling for meaningful change.


Life can be challenging. We all need support at times. As a counselling therapist I provide a safe and supportive space for you to explore what needs your attention. I walk with you on your journey helping you move closer to yourself, heal what needs healing, or shift out of patterns  that no longer serve you.

Hi, I'm Andréa, a Halifax-based counselling therapist.

I help individuals overcome what is holding them back from enjoying a satisfying life experience. Clients may find that anxiety, stress, depression, disordered eating, or general dissatisfaction is keeping them stuck and unable to move toward the life they desire.


I am a licensed Registered Counselling Therapist- Candidate (RCT-C) with the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists and I hold a Masters of Education in Counselling from Acadia University. I completed my clinical internship at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design supporting young adults in navigating mental health, identity, relationship issues, trauma and stress. Prior to counselling, I worked as a coach supporting individuals to overcome binge eating. 

Andréa Lussing Counselling Thearpist

Therapeutic Approach

My approach to counselling lies on the foundation that healing and growth happen as we safely move toward ourselves and our experiences in a gentle and curious way. As we become closer to self, we will be rewarded with insight, awareness, understanding, and choice.

In my sessions I draw from a variety of evidence-based approaches including mindfulness, somatic-informed, cognitive, and emotionally focused therapies. My work is trauma-informed and attachment-based, meaning that I hold space for the powerful healing effect that a safe and secure therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor can offer.


I have certification in Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Equine Assisted Wellness (Building Internal Resilience Through Horses), Strategic Intervention Coaching, and Plant Based Nutrition, and have attended conferences on trauma, eating disorders, EFT tapping, and Indigenous Ways of Knowing.

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