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Binge Eating Counselling 
& Coaching

I help people step off the bingeing & overeating rollercoaster
so they can find their footing, re-develop self-trust, and move closer to the peace with food they've been searching for. 

I do this first by sharing why bingeing is a natural response to unmet emotional or physical needs, why dieting and restricting has only served to deepen your struggles, and how your brain is actually just directing you to what it thinks is best.


After setting up the foundations of eating for recovery, we put the spotlight on your inner voice and thoughts to see what is going on under the surface.


Finally, we turn to the emotional part of you which may be perpetuating sabotage, doubt, or fear.


This journey is not about willpower or control; it's about developing a deeper, kinder relationship with yourself based on curiosity, self awareness, and personal support. It's about working with yourself rather than against yourself so that you may find the peace you've been craving. 

What is binge eating?

Binge eating is defined as eating larger amounts of food in a set period of time than most people would in a similar time period and similar circumstance. Binge eating is also identified by eating faster than normal, eating beyond fullness, eating alone or hiding the amount of food eaten, and feeling guilt, shame, or depression after a binge has happened. Bingeing can feel like you're eating against your own will, and that you have little control over your actions.

What is the difference between counselling and coaching, and why do you use both for binge eating recovery?

Coaching for food issues is a wonderful merging. In coaching we form a partnership that focuses on accomplishing specific goals and moving you to where you want to be. My job is to help you gain more awareness over your actions, beliefs, and thoughts so you can work to change what's not serving you. As a coach I have specific teachings, tools and strategies in mind to help you gain the knowledge, insight and perspectives you need to overcome binge eating. 

Counselling, on the other hand, is more flexible, integrative and client-driven. It focuses on the client as a whole and worthy person with infinite potential, needing support to uncover the wisdom they already have. Counselling leaves room for anything that needs attention, whether from the past, an ongoing concern, or an issue that has just arisen. 

Need Help Now?

Grab my 14-page e-book for immediate support.

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