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A 6-week group program to break through binge eating

Next Session Date:  To be announced

Are you tired of binge eating and want to...

understand why you turn to food?  

create a foundation to minimize binge urges? 

become kinder and more compassionate towards yourself? 

Let me tell you how.

Binge Eating Breakthrough is a small group support program that offers an understanding of why you binge, and lays the foundation to lower and manage urges. 

In this program you'll receive: 

  • an understanding of why you binge

  • a foundation for how to lower physiological urges to binge

  • a chance to share the burden of struggling with food with others who get it

  • tools to help you tune in to your inner voice and choose thoughts that serve you

  • guidance in the journey of making peace with food

It's the foundation, tools, and support you need to break through binge eating.
How it will go...
Friends in Nature

Weekly Sessions

We'll connect via Jane App's private video technology for 6 weekly sessions to work through the program, share insights, experiences, and seek support. Our weekly calls are partly structured, and partly support driven. I'll share with you what I've learned works best, while keeping space open to move toward what you need most each week.

Tailored Program 

This program approaches binge eating from the perspective of the body, the mind, and our culture. I've  organized key parts of my 1:1 work into this program to support you to make peace with food. We'll embark on a step-by-step journey to address the binge cycle, befriend urges, cultivate self-support, and create a trust in yourself that you've been craving.



weekly calls, support, tools & practice

Week One

Understanding Binge Eating: How we got here

Learn the reasons we turn to food and how binge eating is a natural response to unmet needs, not a personal fault.

Week Two


Foundational Eating

Learn the benefits of foundational eating and the practice of it. Design a foundation eating plan to support your recovery. 

Week Three

Changing Perspectives:
The Role of Kindness

Learn to cultivate curiosity and compassion over what drives you to binge. Start working with yourself rather than against.

Week Four

Tuning Into Your Inner World

Your relationship with food is complicated by your thoughts and emotions. Learn a tool to become aware and manage both and find what serves you.

Week Five

Check in, Problem Solving, & Exploring Intuitive Eating

Learn why diets don't work, reframe myths about health and weight, and start working toward trusting your body.

Week Six

Looking Ahead

After reflecting on how far you've come, we'll look ahead and make a plan for continued growth, self-support, and ongoing inspiration.

This group program includes:

education, group counselling & coaching support  
mentorship from a counsellor who has been there, struggled, and found lasting peace with food
a community of people who know what you're going through

Binge Eating Breakthrough:
Group Program

Investment: $349 CDN

To recover from binge eating you have to understand the why behind it.

Why do you turn to food, why do you have intense desires to eat, why do you feel out of control?  

This program will help you understand why you binge eat, and then help you do the work to change it. This is done by learning why you're being driven to eat, setting up the foundations of ending binge eating through foundational eating, self-compassion, and thought work, and practicing these skills with support, coaching, and a community to cheer you on. 

This is not about willpower or control; it's about developing a new relationship with yourself based on compassion, curiosity and self awareness. It's about setting up structures that support your recovery instead of sabotage it. It's about working with yourself rather than against yourself and learning to have your own back.

​With an understanding of why you binge, and a progressive program that sets you up with the right tools as you need them, you'll be ready to embark on your journey toward confidence with food, life, and self, and finally find the peace you've been looking for. ​

I'm Andréa, a Registered Counselling Therapist (Candidate), coach, educator and supporter with lived experience of disordered eating. I want to help you end binge eating. Many people take years to recover on their own, as I did, but I'm here to give you a head start on the journey. I want to give you what I could have used when I was ready to find peace with food. I hope it helps.
Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the schedule of the calls?


A: Group calls will be weekly on Thursdays at 7pm AST (Halifax, NS time zone) for approximately 1.5-2 hours for a total of 6 calls. 

Q: What results can I expect from this program? 

A: As with any program
, results are individual. Readiness and openness for the work is crucial. Some people can expect to create a massive shift in their relationship with food during this program. Some people will need a longer time and this program will be just one step on their journey. Results will vary, and full recovery from binge eating takes consistent effort, commitment, and a willingness to slip up and keep going. 

Q: What if I want some extra support? 

A: If you would like to extra support beyond our group calls or after the program, you are welcome to book private counselling sessions with me, in-person in Halifax, or online.

Q: How is this different from individual counselling?

A: This is a group program utilizing the support and expertise of myself and the experiences of your peers. Unlike counselling where we have the time and privacy to explore specific areas of your life that may need more attention, group counselling leans on a psycho-educational model with specific goals for each session. 

Q: What is the format of the program? 

A: The program is worked through over 6 weeks of live group video calls of 1.5-2hrs each. The time will be split between learning, reflecting, and sharing successes and challenges. Worksheets will allow you the opportunity to continue your work between sessions and beyond. 


Q: What if I cannot make the calls? Are they recorded? 

A: Due to confidentiality, calls are not recorded. If you cannot make the calls, you would benefit more from the flexibility of individual counselling.

Q: Do you offer refunds? 

A: There are no refunds for this program once we have begun. I know you'll love the abundance of content and the price is fair for the value. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the program before or during, please email me at

Are you in?

Binge Eating Breakthrough:
Group Program

Investment: $349 CDN

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