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"Having a coach is so valuable. Being able to come back to this [work] in a slow and steady process weekly has helped me make subtle shifts that are really changing my life. My relationship with food has shifted. I make decisions with an understanding of what my body needs but I'm also incredibly patient with myself if things don't go as planned. I don't feel like I am on a diet anymore, I feel like I am learning to love food instead of love/resent it.


Honestly, I don't think I would have ever come to these conclusions on my own. I needed the help, support, and knowledge. Plus I am busy, I needed an expert that could help me once and for all. Showing up for myself like this was a sign to me that I was 'ready' in a different way this time.


I just think you are such an incredibly compassionate teacher and you've really changed my life by helping me to take care of myself better. You've taught me how to practice self care differently than I ever have and it's a powerful shift.”      

Mindy S.

California, USA

"Andréa's workshop on Overcoming Binge Eating really helped me identify my personal triggers associated with food as well as a host of physiological issues that often set me up to fail. It has helped me be kinder to myself and gave me multiple tools that I can implement in my life in general, not solely associated with food. I greatly appreciate Andréa's workshop which helped me get more vulnerable and open; it has been the beginning of a personal transformation."

Halifax, NS

"I am in full recovery from all eating disorder behaviours. I don’t binge, I don’t purge, I don’t over exercise, and I am learning to appreciate my body for its shape as it is now. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I’m learning to appreciate food as nourishment. I’m happy to say I don’t have obsessive thoughts about food ruling my mind 24 hours per day. It’s not perfect, but it’s close enough to give me the peace of mind I was so desperately seeking. I’m so grateful for your compassionate approach to coaching and how you handled me with such care and love. I appreciate how you continue to check up on me from time to time. Your caring means so much. Thank you."      

Catherine L.

Michigan, USA

"Andrea taught me that I needed to get off my diet plan and stop restricting food in order to stop binge eating. That might sound counterintuitive, but it worked. When I stopped restricting food, and started giving myself permission to eat what I wanted when I felt hungry throughout the day, the binge eating stopped. With Andréa's guidance and encouragement, I started identifying the foods and patterns that created anxiety for me, and when I was ready, I was able to make my own choice to avoid certain foods and to create healthier patterns because I had developed a deeper understanding of my own compelling reasons for stopping. Not because a diet plan was telling me to restrict certain foods and to eat a certain way."      

Marissa S.

Massachusetts, USA

"My relationship with food has been a life long journey with extreme highs and extreme lows, due to always being on a “diet”.  Andréa has provided me valuable tools and insight into my mind's relationship with eating. Each day since I’ve worked with her I find myself truly thinking about my choices and the why behind what I am eating. Andréa excels in helping you self-direct and overcome poor eating habits that are counterproductive to long-term health goals."


Minnesota, USA

"Working with Andréa for six weeks has opened up a whole new world for me. I had read so many articles and books on disordered eating, I thought I had all the answers. What I didn't have was a coach, someone I could confide in who would understand and listen in a non judgemental way. Someone who has been there and gets it, but at the same time is knowledgeable, empathetic, and equipped with the tools to help. 

I had tried the "diet cycle" for many years and I finally realized that DIDN'T WORK. Andréa helped me better understand the incredible power of our thoughts and how important curiosity, compassion and self care are in changing/reframing them. That is KEY.


It is a journey, no question, but in six weeks, I feel more empowered and confident to use the strategies she provided to keep my thoughts about food/eating aligned with my core values. Thank you Andréa!"


Ottawa, Ont.

"I had an unhealthy relationship with food for as long as I can remember, and that relationship had an effect on my weight, my physical health and my mental health over the years. I tried dieting, I tried educating myself, I tried moderation, I tried cold turkey. 


A few months ago, I reached a point where I finally realized that I needed a different approach. I was tired of the cycle and of feeling ashamed and trapped. I came across some info about Andréa and got pretty excited about the idea of working with her. After chatting with her we set up our first meeting and everything from there was so positive. I acquired more skills in our 6 weeks working together than I did in the past 6 years. 


We explored my beliefs and got really curious about me and my relationship with food. After the first few calls, I already felt more empowered and my relationship with food became less heavy. By the time we wrapped up our first 6 sessions, I felt very at peace with food and I am now able to make choices based on what feels best for me. 


What I liked best about working with Andréa is that this was not a “one size fits all” program. She really got to know me and worked on a personalized plan – which we adjusted as needed when things came up. I now have a large toolbox of strategies that I can pull from when I need to. A lot of what I learned with Andréa can be applied to other areas of my life as well. I have changed, I am more peaceful in general and more aware and present. I am really thankful that I made this investment in me. Thank you Andrea!" 


Lunenburg, NS


"Andréa has profoundly shifted my relationship with, and resolved my emotional dependency on, food. I did not realize that this freedom was available, as I have relied on food as an emotionally-driven outlet for close to my entire life.

Metaphorically, Andréa met me where I was and walked along side me as I shared my challenges. We focused on non-judgemental discovery, awareness and self-experimentation. I often felt I was chatting with a dear friend, who was able to relate, show deep compassion and was genuinely invested in my well-being.

Andréa brought complex theories and methodologies to our sessions in a non-intimidating way, by customizing and sharing the salient points that would serve me best. We went deep on binging, ingrained habits, deprivations driving desires, higher intentions and our higher brain, rewiring between thoughts and emotions, and human need psychology.

Andréa skillfully coached live during several sessions, which assisted immensely in my learning and ability to overcome deeply ingrained habits that were not serving my highest intentions. It was Andréa ’s delivery of visualization exercises that helped me to see the manifestation of my highest intentions and strengthened my self-love beyond my wildest dreams.

Andréa has profoundly changed my life. I have immense gratitude for our time together and can confidently say it is one of the best investments I have ever made."

Halifax, Canada

"Andréa has a calm and collected analytic mind where reason and thought are considered before action is taken. She radiates an incredible lightness and is easy to be around. 

She is very passionate about helping those overcome complex relationships with food and pours her energy into her work. She is a talent and I would never hesitate to recommend her for coaching, support or leadership for anyone's journey toward wellness!
She is a professional who leans in like a friend- a very admirable quality.

Nicole Myles Brook, 

Halifax, Canada
Recommendation Via LinkedIn

"When I first started working with Andréa as my coach, I felt out of control and hopeless. Constant thoughts of my next meal, my next binge, were always on my mind and drove a lot of what I did every day. I used food to calm down after a hectic day – to numb out with. My relationship with food was not a healthy one and it showed: I was overweight, didn’t feel well, struggled with having enough energy to get through the day, and my emotions were all over the place.

I’m in a much better place now. Andréa was very knowledgeable about my challenges with food and was able to provide me with guidance around my specific eating patterns and the triggers that I have for overeating and binging. I thought my challenges were all psychological, or driven by my emotions, but Andréa explained that there is also a physiological component driving my choices too. 

It’s amazing how just becoming aware of some thing lets you see it for what it is, and be able to take control again. Andréa is very good at helping to pinpoint those triggers and patterns so they can be addressed, and she is supportive and reminds me to celebrate the wins – even little ones – as this journey continues to unfold.

I’ve lost weight, but the best part now is that I feel in control, I’m healthy, my energy level is high, and I feel the best I have in years!  If you’re struggling like I was, I highly recommend hiring Andréa as your coach to get you to a better place with your relationship to food."



North Carolina, USA

"I would definitely definitely definitely recommend Andréa. She is amazing at understanding and supporting your recovery and growth. With me, Andréa brought new perspectives to things I had been reading and talking about for years. The most valuable are the very concrete tools she shared that I continue to use to this day. I also really appreciated her coaching style, flexible yet challenging. She was willing to tackle any issue that was bothering me, and was putting a lot of thought and effort into replying to my emails in between session. The progress in 6 weeks was incredible, and I feel like I learnt so much."



Mexico City, Mexico

Andréa is an outstanding life coach and person. I can’t recommend her enough.


Halifax, Canada

“Working with Andréa has provided me with perspective on the patterns and behaviours I have that either support or delay my goals. In a kind and empathetic manner, Andréa quickly moved me from a place of stagnancy to opportunity to view myself in a new light. Her coaching approach is holistic, supportive, accessible, and caring. I feel no hesitation in recommending Andréa's services to a friend.



Newfoundland, Canada

“Andrea holds space for me in a way that is both supportive and creatively challenging. Through attentive listening and honest, thoughtful questions, she helped me to clarify and illuminate the issues I was seeking help for.  Our conversations are inspiring and always feel like we get to the heart of the matter. Since working with her, I've been able to think from new perspectives and to embrace more variety in life.”


Toronto, Canada

“Working with Andréa every week was like being given instructions on how to see the world more clearly. She opens your mind to new ways of approaching obstacles and tackling roadblocks. Her calm and soothing demeanour makes for instant comfort when speaking about personal issues yet she also manages to guide your thoughts and emotions to the positive ones needed for healing. Andréa is professional and knowledgeable in her field and makes her clients feel a confidence when dealing with the hurdles before them or the pulls of their past. What a pleasure knowing that Andréa is with you side by side as you embark on your own personal healing journey.



California, USA

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