• Andréa Lussing

When It's Hard to Believe in Your Dreams

It's not so hard to dream up some nice dreams- a body you feel great in, being a person who follows through, improved relationships, a stronger sense of purpose, enough money to do the things you want to do, vacations, a house by the sea, working out regularly, a new car. 

But dreams have little weight until we turn them into goals. Then the real work comes in.

That work, specifically, is remembering to stay clear and true to those dreams and goals.

Sometimes the opposite works like this- I make a loose goal, it isn't going well, I haven't seen the results I want, maybe it's just easier to not do the work, after all, then I wouldn't have to come face to face with the feeling of not accomplishing what I want, so yeah, maybe I'll just come up with a new goal, or maybe no real goal at all. 

It's hard to remain faithful to your goals and dreams, especially during rocky times where success isn't coming as you hoped it would. Imagine trying to stop overeating- what happens when you binge the next day or eat the thing you said you wouldn't? Imagine trying to succeed at a business- how does it feel to go through a month with no sales? Imagine trying to get into school or get a book published but rejection letter after rejection letter comes in the mail, or maybe no letter at all.

That's where you have to dig deep, and focus on your belief- the belief that knows your dreams are techincally possible, even though believing that may feel embarrassing or even untrue when you and everyone around you sees that you're not currently succeeding.

But consider this: Colonel Sanders (KFC) tried to pitch his chicken recipe to restaurants for two years before he had success. He was refused 1009 times before he heard his first yes. I wonder if he doubted himself? I wonder how he kept his belief high even in the face of temporary failure?

It's easy to take examples of your stumbling or failings or off-tracks as evidence that your dream isn't possible for you, or not worth all the work, and a good excuse to give up. That's one option. But the other option is one of success- not giving up. That's when you start again, do what you know works, and practice believing in yourself and your goal no matter what you see in front of you.

Trust me, I know it's hard to practice believing in something that doesn't feel true at the moment, especially if you're finding evidence that says it's not going to work. But the only way you'll reach your goals and your dreams is to truly believe you can. No it's not easy, but it's possible and necessary.  

"Whether you believe you can or you can't- you're right." Henry Ford.

Here are some quick tricks to practice believing in yourself:

Focus on these every day:

1) make a list of other things you've accomplished in your life that felt hard at the time

2) get really clear on why you want to accomplish your current goals

3) consider what you're willing to do/feel/experience on the road to your dreams, and be realistic that many of these things will be challenging (hint: are you willing to practice building up your belief each day?)

4) stay tuned in to noticing when your belief is high and when it is low, and do more of what makes it high and less of what brings it down

*5) create a vision poster of your goals and dreams with words and images and look at it every day

*6) create a mantra that you memorize about your belief in your ultimate goal- saying it every day will make it feel more real and will ultimately make you believe it.

*Refresh 5 and 6 when they become outdated. 

You see, everything that we believe is simply a practice of repeating it enough times in our head that we come to take it as truth. When you can tell yourself that losing weight, ending binge eating, or other, is absolutely possible for you, and do that every day, eventually you'll know that to be true with total conviction. When you know that, then you'll stop at nothing until your dreams are accomplished.


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