• Andréa Lussing

The Power of Curiosity

Updated: Nov 9, 2017

Being a kid is living a world of wonder. Why is the sky blue, who built all this stuff, where do insects live? Curiosity is a powerful tool to learn about our world. And as an adult, curiosity shouldn't stop. Take it up again, become curious, but I’d encourage you to narrow the field drastically by mostly focusing inward to your own self, your own mind, and really, mostly on your own thoughts

One of the most important tools I share with people is the one of self-curiosity, paired with non-judgement. Specifically, curiosity about what the heck you're telling yourself all day long and what goes through your brain. Curiosity means listening in. It doesn't mean believing what you're hearing, or identifying with it personally, but just tuning in for the sake of wonder. It means noticing opinions, reactions, and feelings that come up. It means noticing how you speak to yourself about yourself, or about others. It means picking up on all the quiet thoughts that are so repetitive you don't even count them anymore.

Curiosity is the kindest and least intrusive path to self discovery, growth and change. And the best part is, there's no further action needed. You don't need to find any answers, reasons, blame or judgement. You just need to notice what you notice. When we begin to hear what our inner voice sounds like, what we say to ourselves, and how we treat ourselves, we begin to understand how the thoughts we create in our mind contribute and create our reality. Because in the end, we choose those thoughts. We agree to keep them, believe them, say them. And if you want, you can choose to change them. Most people think they're a product of their life situation, but in fact, what we choose to think about our life is what creates how we feel about it.  

So get curious. Which thoughts are serving you, which are holding you back? Which are old and outdated? Do you like the way you think? Are you negative, blaming, self depricating? Or supportive, loving, gentle? Do your thoughts create the life you long for? If not, what thoughts would you like to have?

If you want to make this a practice, take 10 minutes a day and journal on any thoughts that are in your head. Then challenge them. Are they true? Are they useful? Do they serve you? Are they helping you get the outcomes you desire? What thoughts would you have to think to get the outcomes you desire?


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