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Mindy's Story: From Total Confusion to Learning to Love Food Again

Christmas is now officially behind us and January is on its way. If you're anything like me, you may be starting to consider what you could do or add in 2019 that would make the impact on your life that you're looking for.

So today I want to inspire you with the story of my client, Mindy.

Before Mindy and I started working together she was experiencing total confusion about food and doubting her ability to overcome the struggles she was having.

She was overeating and felt like she couldn’t stop herself. She was trying to fix things by working out "like a maniac", doing various diets like keto, vegan, low-carb, and intermittent fasting, but found no diet worked to mend her relationship with food and she was feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Mindy said, “I needed help because I was swallowed with confusion, doubt that I could ever change, and a lot of shame around gaining weight rapidly while trying so hard."

Mindy decided to reach out for support because ultimately she realized that she needed a coach, accountability and understanding.

“Having a coach is so valuable", she says. "I'm a coach, I get it- you can't perform your own brain surgery. I needed an outside perspective and accountability, and honestly, I needed someone to believe in me because I really didn't think I could change, but I wanted to."

After just a few sessions she was able to understand that, #1, her struggles with food weren't her fault, that she's not bad, "and #2, there is actually science behind why my brain is telling me to eat like this.”

"Being able to come back to this [work] in a slow and steady process weekly has helped me make subtle shifts that are really changing my life. My relationship with food has shifted. I make decisions with an understanding of what my body needs but I'm also incredibly patient with myself if things don't go as planned. I don't feel like I am on a diet anymore, I feel like I am learning to love food instead of love/resent it.”

“Honestly, I don't think I would have ever come to these conclusions on my own. I needed the help, support, and knowledge. Plus I am busy, I needed an expert that could help me once and for all. Showing up for myself like this was a sign to me that I was 'ready' in a different way this time.”

Mindy was right, showing up for herself in this way was a sign that she was ready. She was eager to understand why she was turning to food, she was willing to become curious instead of judgemental, and she was showing up each week having acted on our previous week's work, which created massive changes in her perspective and actions with food.

We were a good team, and I feel as lucky to have worked with her as she does with me. “I just think you are such an incredibly compassionate teacher and you've really changed my life and my work as a coach by helping me to take care of myself better so I can serve my clients better. You've taught me how to practice self care differently than I ever have and it's a powerful shift.”

Thank you to Mindy Stallings for sharing your story.

For more information on Mindy, her work, or to contact her, please visit her website

The New Year is a wonderful time for new choices, and powerful decisions. If you've been craving peace with food, and can relate to Mindy's struggles, I encourage you to take a look at my schedule and see if there's a time for us to connect over a free discovery call. These calls are an opportunity to talk about what you're currently experiencing and what you want for yourself, and to get a sense of whether working with me would be a good fit.

I've got 5 spaces left for clients interested in a January start in my private coaching program. If you're feeling the pull, it's a great time of year to reach out.


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