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Improving Communication, with You

It's time to start honouring yourself as though you were another, as though communication was the basis of your relationship.

Your body, your mind, your heart, your fears, your energy- they're all trying to tell you something.

Your anger is a message for you that has turned urgent.

Your fatigue is a low hum that needs your attention.

Your anxiety wants a good conversation about your fears.

How is your self-communication? Do you take note when you've overdone it? Do you allow yourself to be heard, and converse about how to do better next time? Or do you ignore the emotions and vibrations of communication that move through your body, speaking without words?

Here are a few ways to begin a conversation with yourself:

What's wrong? What do you need?

What are you feeling?

What do you want more of?

What would make you feel better?

What should I do next time this happens? What can I learn about myself and my needs from this?

Is there something I need to say, some truth that needs to get out?

Here are a few activities to open up communication:


Taking time away from your phone, social media, devices.

Tapping on yourself (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Writing in a journal.

Engaging your creativity.

Noticing and writing down your thoughts.

Working with a coach, counsellor, therapist.

Making a list of things you noticed about yourself from your day.

Developing a morning routine that includes personal reflection.

Creating a series of questions you can ask yourself every evening.

Finding a hobby that puts you in a state of flow.

Nurturing your spiritual side.

Being kind, compassionate and non-judgemental toward yourself.

The quality of your relationship with yourself is in your own self-communication and kindness. Listen more, be open to what needs to be heard, and give yourself the space, time and attention that you need.

What do you think would improve your relationship with yourself? Send me an email and let me know.


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