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(Feel) good food/ (Feel) bad food

We are half way through January, and many, many people in the world have been trying to lose weight.

Good food. Bad food.

Low points. Low cal. Low carb.

Food, food, food.

But what about how food feels

Your urges to eat 'off limit' foods are simply your brain's way of getting 'high reward' food into your body- foods that are high in sugar, fat, or salt. 

Maybe it's because you've gotten used to those foods, and neutral, whole foods don't feel as pleasurable.

Or maybe it's your body's way of protecting you from losing too much weight (survival instincts, for real). 

But either way, it is natural and normal to be drawn to modern, stimulating foods. The problem is that often those foods don't serve you.

They don't feel good. 

They confuse your body. They make you constipated. They make you tired. They leave you puffy. They leave your mouth sore. You wake up with a headache. Your stomach hurts. Your stomach feels raw.

So what if you noticed that?

What if, instead of feeling ashamed or frustrated for eating what you told yourself you wouldn't, you stayed present with yourself and used those body-feelings as a personal guide for what foods serve you and what foods don't? 

And what if, instead of feeling out of control from those negative feelings in your body, you thought about what would feel good, regardless of how many carbs/calories or points it has, and made that for your next meal?

A donut can feel good. A salad can feel bad. Hummus can feel good. Roasted veggies can feel good. Candy can feel good. Or candy can feel bad.

Some foods may leave you energized or tired, neutral or grumpy, in pain or feeling good, too full or still hungry, sore or at ease, nourished or distressed. Some foods feel good for a little, then feel bad.

Only you will know.

There is no 'good' food and 'bad' food. There is only 'feel' good food, and 'feel' bad food. 

Instead of controlling what you eat by mental and rational choices, why not choose this to be the year you empower your body to decide.

Because your body knows.

Maybe the key to peace is in letting your body lead you toward what feels good, regardless of any other labels that you've put on those foods.

This is the work or making peace with food. And I'd love to help you do it. Let's connect for a call.


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