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Change Your Life in an Instant

Updated: May 1, 2019

How long have you been craving the change that your deep down soul desires?

Maybe you don't even know what it is exactly- you just know it's something other than what's in front of you now.

Have you been noticing the slew of 'shoulds' that you scan your life with, or the inundation of conversations in your head between the two sides of you- the one who's screaming at you for change, and the one who silences yourself, rationalizing that you're not ready,

it's too hard,

you don't have the money,

you don't know what you want anyway,

that things aren't that bad,

or that it's worth staying up late to watch one more episode even though you're totally exhausted every day? How long have you been convincing yourself that you're cool in this low vibe zone of 'I'm okay thanks'?

I know how it is. I know you, because I know me, and we're all the same.

We've got a brain that is easily thrown off track into fear and doubt, we have deep mechanisms that tell us to conserve energy, seek pleasure and avoid pain (kind of the opposite of taking leaps of faith or saying no to more chips!), and we have subconscious thoughts and patterns that toe the line, encouraging us to stay where we're at and not to rock the boat for fear we may drown.

Yup, that's our default. Cool.

But that doesn't mean we can't consciously change it. In fact, that consciousness is the only thing that can change it.

First you become aware, start listening in...

and in time you'll get yourself into the 'enough is enough!' zone. Then you take that awareness and consciousness and you decide to do something about it! Yes, you DECIDE.

I know that sounds basic, but it's not. Most people 'decide' by having one foot in this side and one foot in the other. Most people think they've decided but really they're just trying out what it feels like to decide, and then they take their foot back out when the going gets tough. But if you look around, you'll notice that very few of your own examples of growth and change and success happened in default mode- that safe mode that maintains your current circumstances.

You need the next level mode to make changes, and in order to get there, you have to decide it.

You decide to apply to school, you decide to plan a party, you decide to book a trip, or sell your car, or start going to the gym, or pay for that program. That is how things happen. Decisions get made.

But when it comes to the stuff that's a little harder, a little bigger, with more risk, two-feet-in decisions don't get made easily. You try it, it's tougher than you thought, you go back to default and tell yourself that it didn't work. Clearly you never really decided. If you had decided, it would be done.

So ask yourself, what do you really want?

Or, what do you NOT want anymore?

Here are mine: I don't want to stay up late through the week and be tired the next day.

I don't want to use my phone in front of my son in those hours when he comes home from school.

I don't want to stumble into the day, grabbing just a few more minutes of sleep. When the alarm calls, I want to jump up.

And I do not want to spend hours scrolling through Facebook and Instagram getting deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of mindless media. Instead I want to read and write and maybe look up once in a while!

So I've decided not to do those things anymore. And when I forget that I decided and end up in default mode, I'm going to decide again.

Change doesn't have to be life-altering-ly huge. Change comes in all shapes and sizes. But there is no change, until you decide that there is. Don't trick yourself into believing that 'wanting' change is enough. Wanting and not acting just distances you further from yourself as you observe yourself not doing what you say. Choose something today that you want to change, and decide to change it. If you can't find something, choose the smallest thing you can think of (say, making your bed, or drinking one glass of water upon waking) and practice being in a place of making decisions.

Two feet in. All the way. Done.

Email me with one single commitment that you're saying yes to now.


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