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Catherine's Story of Bulimia and Binge Eating Recovery

Updated: May 15, 2019

Catherine is a lovely client I had who was struggling with a relapse of binge eating and bulimia. As a trauma recovery coach herself, she understood what a gift coaching can be and decided to give herself the gift of recovery. During our time together she made amazing progress overcoming her struggles with food, and was willing to share her story and experience of our work together. (Thank you!) You can read more about Catherine's work and find a link to her Instagram profile below.

What were you feeling and experiencing surrounding your relationship with food and self in the time before we started working together?

I was trying to break free from a resurgence of eating disorder behaviors after being free from them for 4 years; I had been struggling for a year and a half. I was frustrated that the behaviors were back and ashamed of being back in that situation because I had a lot of victory from before and I also had a position of leadership in eating disorder recovery, having co-founded my own eating disorder recovery 12 step group for Christian woman- I felt like a fraud.

What kind of things had you been trying, or tried in the past, to 'fix' your relationship with food?

I was convinced that I was addicted to certain foods, that they had control over me. I thought that food controlled me.

Why did working with me (versus other ways) seem like the right step for you at the time?

I had never given myself the gift of recovery before, and I had tried all the ways I knew of to recover on my own and within a group setting; those things were not working this time. I had a good feeling about Andréa from the compassionate and smart posts she shared on Instagram. I felt like she would be someone that understood my struggle.

What do you think it was about our work together that helped you stop binge eating?

Andréa had a clear plan to help me to overcome bulimia and binge eating, and I was given the knowledge that I was in charge of my recovery and it was on my time table. She made it clear that there was no pressure and I felt her empathy for me and I trusted her expertise. I also appreciated the way she respected my Christian faith and encouraged it, even though she may not hold the same beliefs; she knew it was important to my healing and honored that.

What would you say are the benefits of working with a coach to heal this issue?

For me, the benefits were that I was able to get out of my own head and had a coach to teach me new coping mechanisms and to encourage the ones I already had in order to recover. She helped me to define my recovery goals and always followed up with helpful resources and tips to take me into the week as a support to my recovery.

Can you describe your current relationship with food? What has changed?

I am in full recovery from all eating disorder behaviors. I don’t binge, I don’t purge, I don’t over exercise, and I am learning to appreciate my body for its shape as it is now. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I’m learning to appreciate food as nourishment. I’m happy to say I don’t have obsessive thoughts about food ruling my mind 24 hours per day. It’s not perfect, but it’s close enough to give me the peace of mind I was so desperately seeking.

What would you tell someone who is unsure about investing in themselves in this way?

Absolutely! You are worth investing in a coach. You deserve full recovery and freedom from eating disorders. If I would have known the victory I would have obtained before I purchased Andréa’s coaching, I would have paid more!

Is there anything else you'd like to share about me, my work, your experience or your transformation?

I’m so grateful for your compassionate approach to coaching and how you handled me with such care and love. I appreciate how you continue to check up on me from time to time. Your caring means so much. Thank you ❤️

Catherine Lukes, CTRC, is certified trauma recovery coach and a survivor of complex trauma. Her mission is to help Christian women with similar struggles to walk in their recovery while incorporating their faith; to help empower them to live free of the shackles that bind them and to walk in freedom as much as possible. You can find more information about Catherine and her work on Instagram at Catherine Lukes Coaching.


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