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26 Reasons You Might Eat Cake

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

26 Reasons You Might Eat Cake

Here are some reasons you might eat cake:

a) it's a celebration

b) you want some

c) it's a treat

d) you're in a cooking class

e) you've been baking with children

f) someone handed it to you

g) it's at the dessert table

h) you don't want to offend the host

i) your child didn't finish their piece

j) there are leftovers on the counter calling to you

k) once it's done you don't have to think about it

l) you're bored

m) you're lonely

n) you're sad

o) you're anxious

p) you want something sweet

q) you can't stop thinking about it

r) it's a cheat day

s) you fell off your diet

t) you weren't happy with the scale this morning

u) you're tired

v) you were good all day

w) you deserve it

x) you skipped a meal

y) you need to have more

z) you can't say no to sweets

Here are some reasons you might not eat cake:

a) you don't feel like it

b) you're full

c) it's too sweet

d) you're sensitive to some of the ingredients

e) you're vegan and the cake is not

f) you never feel good after you eat cake

g) sugar makes your skin break out

f) once you start you can't stop

g) sugar makes you tired

h) sugar affects your mental health

i) you tried it but you don't like it

j) it doesn't look good to you

k) you'll feel guilty after

l) it's not on your meal plan

m) you're on a diet

n) you're trying to change your habits

o) you're just not interested

p) you're resisting

q) no one else is eating it

r) you're afraid of what people will think

s) you plan to eat cake at home later when you're alone

t) you already ate cake today

u) you're counting calories

v) you're counting points

w) you're counting macros

x) you don't know the calories/points/macros so are afraid to eat the cake

y) eating sweets gives you anxiety

z) you're a self-proclaimed sugar addict and find abstinence the best policy

Whatever you choose, make sure you like the reason.


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