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Peace &



Personal Coaching for Personal Transformation

Andréa Lussing

Life Coach, EFT Practitioner
Healing Relationships with Food, Life & Self

Are you ready to...

stop feeling out of control around food?

overcome binge eating or emotional eating?

create a future of true freedom around food?

make peace with the stressors and emotions that drive you to food?

become more connected with yourself and your needs?

Okay. But there's a catch.

It's not easy. It requires daily work, commitment, and taking responsibility. You see, I can give you the tools, teach you the strategies, lead you through breakthroughs, but I can't do the work for you. That's your job. I'm ready to show you the way, cheer you on, pick you up when you fall, and shine light where there are shadows, but you've got to walk the path. This is your personal journey. 

And I know you've tried before. I know you've been trying for a long time. So I wanted to make a plan, a system, something you can rely on. 
Peace & Possibilities 

In our time together you'll...


      learn the foundational reasons you’re turning to food and why it's not your fault

      develop a curious, kinder & more supportive relationship with yourself 
      learn strategies to manage the anxiety of binge urges 
      navigate sabotaging thoughts and habits with more ease
      lower your personal walls that you’ve built around yourself to be more open to life around you
      address emotional struggles that keep turning you back to food

What you'll get:

      support, tools, teachings and strategies to lead you to you peace with food and self  

      6 weekly 1:1 online coaching sessions (60 minutes each) 

      email support between session as needed

      worksheets and homework to practice the tools and strategies you'll be learning

      flexibility in our calls to focus on the areas that need attention most

      side by side, focused attention and support from a recovered binge eater who gets it (me)

Understand your relationship with food by uncovering why you turn to food. We'll discuss the binge and emotional eating cycle, the intricacies of food and the brain, and why you feel like you have no control.

We'll also look into how blaming yourself and being separate from yourself as you struggle with food only serves to strengthen your struggles and we'll begin the process of finding inner compassion and kindness.

Stage One - Understanding Your Relationship with Food

Stage Two - Laying the Foundation for Peaceful Eating

Here we begin setting up the foundation of ending binge and emotional eating. You'll learn what you must do to calm your brain's intense focus on food, and we'll develop an initial eating framework that will set you up for success.

We'll also talk about foundational eating and begin getting you back in touch with the part of yourself that doesn't need a diet to know how to eat. This process re-ignites a self-trust which is the basis of peaceful eating.

You'll begin developing the mindset you need to free yourself from guilt, shame and blame and commit to the journey of growth and personal connection.

Stage Three - Re-Training the Brain

Once you've understood why you struggle with food, and have laid the foundations to end the struggle, you'll move to the more challenging work of developing consistency with your new eating perspectives and thus, re-train the brain away from the strong pathways and habits that have been developed.

And much more...
I want you to know that finding peace with food is 100% possible. 

Even if you've tried it all before. 

Even if you've been 'on and off the wagon' too many times to count.

Even if you don't believe you'll ever get out of the cycle.

Because healing your relationship with food is not solved by controlling your eating. 

It is solved by understanding the physiological and emotional reasons why you turn to food, and then by healing any inner conflict, thoughts, and emotional blocks that keep you stuck. Once you understand why your relationship with food is the way it is, you can move on to what really creates the change- being curious, open and kind. By learning to hear yourself, by updating your beliefs about food, weight, yourself, and your world, and by moving naturally from a disempowered state to a strong and resourceful one, you can move deeper into who you are, what you want, and connect with your intuition around food and life. It's about creating more space and curiosity instead of blaming, judging and bullying yourself. It's about compassion, courage and commitment. It's not about controlling the food.  

If you're ready to know for yourself, let's connect.

​I would definitely definitely definitely recommend Andréa. She is amazing at understanding and supporting your recovery and growth. I also really appreciated her coaching style, flexible yet challenging. She was willing to tackle any issue that was bothering me, and was putting a lot of thought and effort into replying to my emails in between session.

MB, Mexico City

My relationship with food has been a life long journey with extreme highs and extreme lows, due to always being on a “diet”. Andréa has provided me valuable tools and insight into my mind's relationship with eating. Each day since I’ve worked with her I find myself truly thinking about my choices and the why behind what I am eating.

KW, Minnesota USA 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I sign up? 

Before you sign up, it's important to connect to see if we're a good fit to work together. You can book a free Discovery Call here. If we decide to work together, we'll take the next steps to get you officially on board from there. 

Q: I don't live where you live. Can we still work together? 

A: I work with clients virtually, online, and all of my calls are done using the Zoom communication platform. As long as our time zones line up for appointment times, we can definitely work together.

Q: What is the timeframe of this program?  

A: This program is 6 weeks long.

Q: What are your credentials?

A: My personal experience is what initiated my interest in this work. My struggle with food- bingeing, bulimia and restriction, has been a gift as it led me down a path of personal development, growth, and a desire to help others. My official credentials are as follows: I hold a BA from Acadia University in Sociology and Women's Studies (2004). In 2012 I completed my Plant Based Nutrition Certification through eCornell. In 2015 I became certified as a life coach through the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach Training centre. And in 2019 I became certified as an EFT (tapping) practitioner. I'm now in the process of attaining a Master's Degree in Counselling, part time. I consider myself to be a well rounded coach, taking my personal strengths of compassion, support and communication and pairing them with my education, personal experience, and ongoing learning.

Q: How many calls do I get?

A: We connect weekly with 6x 60min. calls.

Q: Do I have to bring something to talk about for each call?

A: Our time together on the calls moves naturally. You don't have to worry about bringing something to the calls. Most of the calls start with a check in from the previous week, plus a reflection on any homework given. From there I generally have a topic or training to offer, a tool to share or practice, or an experience to take you through as we get deeper into the work. 

Q: How does your coaching compare with therapy?

A: I like to think of my coaching as an ultimate means to an end. It's my goal to take you all the way from feeling out of control around food, to having resolved your pain and struggles with food, leaving you in control, empowered, educated and inspired to go after what's next for you in your life. My program is designed to end your struggles with food by helping you rationally understand your struggles, and then move through and past them. We are not analyzing what may have led you to your struggles with food, only working to create a solution.


Q: How much is this program?


The cost of this program is $500 CDN.

Q: What if I have more questions? 

Book a free Discovery Call
and we can discuss more about working together.

Ready to get started?

Book a call below to register.

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