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Are you struggling with binge eating? 

8 Reasons You're Bingeing

& What To Do About It

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and what to do about it.

I want to share 8 reasons why...

Are you ready to make peace with food?

Do you eat well for a period of time, then lose all control and eat everything that's 'bad'?

Do you feel like you have to control what you eat just to manage your weight?

Do you turn to food when you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Are you stressed and overwhelmed thinking about it?


Lady, it's time to put that behind you.
It's time to make peace with food.

"When I first started working with Andréa as my coach, I felt out of control and hopeless. I’m in a much better place now. I highly recommend hiring Andréa as your coach to get you to a better place with your relationship to food."

K.Z., North Carolina, USA

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I'm Andréa Lussing.

I'm a Strategic Intervention Life Coach, an EFT practitioner, I'm certified in Plant Based Nutrition, and I hold a BA in Sociology and Women's Studies. I'm also a recovered binge eater, bulimic and dieter. I work with women to support them in finding peace with food, and therefor, peace within. I do this work because I think freedom is 100% possible for everyone. After struggling for six years with my own food issues, I managed to do the work and free myself. It took 2 years of trial and error to overcome binge eating and bulimia, and t0 end the diet once and for all, but I finally transformed my relationship with food to a vibrant and healthy one. It took time, honesty, commitment and courage. And in turn it transformed my life. When you heal food issues, you heal life issues, and your world becomes open again. I want you to know that healing is possible for you too. We're all capable of growth and change. Not only are we capable of it, life demands it of us. So when you feel the call, I'll be here to help. 

"I would definitely definitely definitely recommend Andréa. She is amazing at understanding and supporting your recovery and growth. The progress in 6 weeks was incredible, and I feel like I learnt so much."

M.B., Mexico City, Mexico