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Warm Up on the Beach

I help people step off the bingeing & overeating rollercoaster so they can find their footing, re-develop self-trust,

and finally find the peace with food and life

they've been searching for. 

I do this by first showing you why you’ve been turning to food, why dieting and restricting has only served to deepen your struggles, and how your brain is actually just directing you to what it thinks is best.


After setting up the foundations of eating for recovery, we put the spotlight on your inner voice and thoughts to see what is going on under the surface.


Finally, we heal the emotional part of you which may be prone to sabotage, doubt, or fear.


This journey is not about willpower or control; it's about developing a deeper, kinder relationship with yourself based on curiosity, self awareness, and personal support.


It's about working with yourself rather than against yourself. It’s about gaining a renewed sense of trust in your body, developing new habits and patterns of thinking, and regaining a sense of ease with food, life and self so that you finally find the peace you've been craving. 

What is binge eating?

Binge eating is defined as eating larger amounts of food in a set period of time than most people would in a similar time period and similar circumstance. Binge eating is also identified by eating faster than normal, eating beyond fullness, eating alone or hiding the amount of food eaten, and feeling guilt, shame, or depression after a binge has happened. Bingeing can feel like you're eating against your own will, and that you have little control over your actions.

What is overeating?

Although not all overeating is problematic, for the purpose of the work I do, overeating is defined as eating more than necessary for your body's needs while also feeling powerless to stop this pattern. Overeaters may not identify as a binge eater- eating large amounts of food in one sitting, but may find themselves repeatedly eating more than they desire, feeling out of control around specific foods, turning to food to comfort themselves during emotional and stressful events, and often feeling guilty over the choices they made, aiming for 'fresh starts', diets or restriction to regain a sense of control. 

How does counselling help?

Counselling for food issues is a wonderful merging. In counselling we form a partnership that focuses on accomplishing goals and moving you to where you want to be. My job is to help you gain more personal awareness over your actions, beliefs, and thoughts so you can work to change what's not serving you. Counselling creates a layer of support, builds insight, holds you accountable, gives you tools to use, and helps you move toward the perspective you need to change from the inside out. My counselling is designed to support you in making peace with food at a much deeper level than you could do alone. 

Counselling is not locked in one framework or style. My counselling is flexible and integrative, and does not put too much emphasis on the past, or issues far out of context from the goal. Instead it focuses on the client as a whole and worthy person with infinite potential, needing support to uncover the abilities they already have. It focuses on taking you from your current state, to a more empowered and positive one so you can move toward the future you've always envisioned for yourself. 

With the tools and support of counselling, energy techniques for addressing challenging emotions, plus personal experience, knowledge, and expertise of the science of binge eating, overeating and food struggles, it is my job to lead you past what's holding you back, to break old patterns, and to develop a mindset that will consistently move you forward to where you want to be- at peace.

"If you’re struggling like I was, I highly recommend hiring Andréa as your coach to get you to a better place with your relationship to food."

 K.Z., North Carolina, USA


"Having a coach is so valuable. Being able to come back to this [work] in a slow and steady process weekly has helped me make subtle shifts that are really changing my life."

More about me...

After working to help people overcome binge eating as a life coach for many years, I realized I wanted the opportunity to support people more deeply in this work and be part of a professional community. I completed my counselling degree from Acadia University in January, 2023 and chose to continue supporting people who struggle with food. Helping people in this way is a personal mission as struggling with food is something I contended with for many years, and one I see as pervasive in our society. My own struggles began in high school and continued throughout and beyond my university years. Although this was many years ago and much has changed since then, when I sought help from a school counsellor, my doctor, and two therapists, there was no one who could help me truly understand my struggles with food. Instead of walking the path of healing with someone, I made a personal commitment to find a way to feel normal around food on my own. I let go of the idea that any more diets or food plans could heal me and I surrendered to not knowing what was next. This was a time of much trial and error, but eventually, after 2 years of trying, I recovered from my struggles with food and body image, and finally found the peace I was seeking.

My goal now is to be the person I needed when I was struggling- someone who understood my struggles, who could offer me the support, education, empathy and concrete tools that would help. I hope I can be that person for you. 

  Why I'm qualified:

  • I've been living with food freedom for 20 years, and I've been where you are. 

  • I hold a Masters degree in Counselling from Acadia University, am a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach through the Robbins-Madanes coach training programa graduate of the eCornell Plant Based Nutrition program, and certified as an Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner. 

  • I'm passionate about supporting individuals to end their struggles with food and finally find physical, emotional and mental peace.

  Personal Cheat Sheet:

  • I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada, but I grew up in Ontario.  

  • I'm a mother of a 9 year old boy, who is the sweetest.

  • I've been vegetarian since 1996. 

  • I love nature, being creative and cooking. I also ride horses. 

  • My partner is an ocean guy- studies it, surfs it, and photographs it. 

  • Before completing my MEd in Counselling, I worked as a life coach and an English language teacher to newcomers. I also had a vegan food blog at

  • My favourite movie is Dan in Real Life. 

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